Advantages of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math ) Courses in USA

Time and again, history has proved that fields like Science, Technology, Engineering and math have given birth to genius Scientists, Engineers and innovators. These people have the capacity to turn the world around us. These connoisseurs have shown us how innovations can unfold numerous possibilities and bring out miraculous results, useful in real world functioning.

Although these subjects have materialized great innovators, scientists and scholars, as per research, it lacked qualified candidates required to fulfill the positions of high-tech jobs.  These subjects were taught with dissociation, as per the research, and hence STEM Program had emerged as a resort to fill the gap and actually introduce study, in an integrated fashion.

“Educate to Innovate” campaign was run in USA in order to lift American Students in Science and Mathematics with an intension of president Obama to retain expert candidates who are outstanding in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

As per a report by, there would be a need for 8.65 million workers in STEM related jobs especially manufacturing sector as it already is having a scarcity of skilled employees. Cloud Computing areas will approximately have 1.7 million jobs and by 2018 STEM Careers will take a surge and will exponentially increase in demand with Computing – 71 %, Traditional Engineering – 16 %, Physical sciences – 7 %, Life sciences – 4 % and Mathematics – 2 %.

Pyramid Overseas Education Consultants, the overseas educational consultants based in India supports STEM Program and provides consultations in pursuing stem programs in USA.  It helps to create interest in students in subjects like Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics with an interdisciplinary and applied approach. Bringing all the four subjects in harmony can benefit students as well as large corporate houses as they are able to recruit skilled professionals short-listed from international students in USA.