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Why Study in Canada?

Since 1994 Canada has been ranked most liveable place as per United Nations (UN) and the Economist Intelligence Unit. A known place for great health and well-being Canada has a Universal Health Care System which increases Life Expectancy of Canadians. Canada is recorded to have very low crime rates, attractive culture and remarkable cleanliness making it a great and safe destination especially for people who want to permanently immigrate to Canada.

Known for most liveable cities with being 2nd best country for education, Canada is the place where students can not only excel and gain higher education but develop and build overall personality, recognizable worldwide. Particularly international students are highly benefitted by the level of exposure they get in the country.

Study in Canada

A high level of quality education, co-op programs, skill development, courses that are directly linked to industries are offered here.

Quality of Education

Canada is a preferred destination for students as the University Campuses in Canada offers Multicultural environments and beautiful and ultra-modern spaces. All this is offered with a low tuition fees which is affordable as compared to education in countries like US and UK. A Certificate, Degree, Diploma or other qualifications from Canada carries value in professional world that is at par with common wealth countries and USA both.

Co-op Programs

A deadly combination of classroom based education and practical work experience can take the student’s experience to a different level. Practical work experience, along with academic learning builds and develops skills and expertise and ensures that students are professionally ready once they are out of college.

Co-op Programs in Canada comes under a canopy of work-integrated learning experience. Here the alumni will get an experience in how businesses, industries and human services function, and how the students experience is enhanced with academic training. They can work in these areas like a form of internship program and gain knowledge that can give a boost to their success and a world recognised international exposure.

Moreover the courses and programs offered in the universities are linked with industries and hence the students can excel to their fullest and really add meaning to their professional career and value to the company, in which they work.

The Educational sector in Canada mainly concentrates on skill development to ensure that students are completely trained and expert in the skills they acquire making them ready for professional world.

After a completion of 2 year course international students get a 3 years’ work permit.  This allows students to gain industry exposure and knowledge of working culture in Canada, after which they have a high chance of getting PR within Canada.