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Studying engineering in USA!

The ever emerging field of Engineering have grown exponentially because of which students are now able to choose from a host of Engineering courses and options available across the globe. There are some or the other options available for engineering students as the choices are vast and extensive. Courses offered are like Computer Engineering Degrees, Electrical, Engineering Degrees, Mechanical, Engineering Degrees,Civil, Engineering Degrees,Environmental, Engineering Degrees,and Geotechnical andmany other sets Engineering Courses.

Western countries like USA is a preferred destination for students as they offer a great well–rounded study experience that introduces students to new technological innovations and latest research.

Some guidelines for getting an admission in USA:

The engineering courses offered in USA are generally of four years duration where many educational bodies offer a consolidated course of 5-year Master’s and Bachelor’s program with hands on experience and internship offered even at an undergraduate level. If you are opting for higher or advanced level studies, you requireto undergo either “SAT I” or “SAT II” examinations. As SAT I and SAT II examinations are the best way to demonstrate your knowledge on the subject, it makes student recruitment process easier for institutes.

It is easily said than done you need to perform an extensive research on which schools, colleges or universities have accreditation. ABET is a non-profit and non-government accrediting agency for programs in Computing, engineering, applied science, engineering technology at many levels like associate, bachelor and master degrees. Hence students need to do a research on whether their chosen program is accredited by ABET or not.

Financial Advice for students

While tuition fee varies from course to course and college to college but it comes down approximately from    $8000 to $15000 for under graduates and $10,000 to $20,000 for post graduate students. (Courses offered in private bodies will be on the higher side).

Living expenses depends on which city you are opting for which includes $10000 to $12000 for students staying in suburban area, it could be lesser and for students staying in Elite cities like Manhattan, San Francisco and New York.

Health Insurance

A health insurance is compulsory for international students as the duration of their stay in US is generally longer. The cost of Health insurance can range from $500 to $1000 per year.

So if you are keen on studying Engineering in USA here are a few good guidelines which might help you in your research. All the Best!!