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Skema Business School

MSc in Financial Market & Investments

Why this course - M.Sc in Financial Markets & Investments is a market-driven finance programme that closely reflects the constantly changing world of international finance. The teaching and curriculum use a practical approach.

The programme gives students practical expertise in the key areas of finance within the post crisis financial environment in the fields of trading, risk management, sales, investment advisory, structuring finance… Content is taught within a global macro-economic and financial environment with market-oriented courses th at will enable the students to become conscious of a new financial and economic environment including a key component that may remain with them throughout their careers: a stockpile of world debt.

Future - Trader, broker, sales analyst, risk manager, controller, investment advisory... All campuses allow access to the same market finance positions

Msc in Luxury & Fashion management

Why this course - The Luxury and Fashion Management MSc is international in its orientation, reflecting the industry itself: international manufacturing and distribution, cross-border ownership, and global branding and communications.

This MSc recognises that design, trend-recognition and marketing skills –rather than production/manufacturing skills– are what make today’s luxury and fashion firms successful. These are the skills related to new product development, marketing, strategic brand management and communications delivery.

Motivated students are educated in an individu alised academic environment for success in the fast-moving world of fashion and luxury.

The professional orientation of the MSc Luxury & Fashion management guarantees its relevance and ensures that students are professionally operational by the end of the year.

Future - The MSc Luxury & Fashion Management opens opportunities to pursue careers in a wide range of fashion and luxury fields. Whilst having a strong disciplinary base in international luxury brand management, its range is such that graduates will be able to work with specialists in other areas, getting involved in creative, marketing or finance positions. Graduates can go on to work in top level management, designing, sourcing, merchandising, budgeting, advertising, global luxury or fashion brand management as well as strategy.

Toulouse Business School

MSc In Banking and International Finance(Toulouse)

Why this course - The global business world is constantly changing and is still dealing with the effects of the recent financial crisis and the consequent economic downturn. In today's environment, companies need managers and executives who are ready to lead and implement changes that successfully address current and future challenges.

Future - This Master of Science (MSc) covers a broad spectrum of topics, which ensures that graduates are qualified for a wide range of career opportunities and have the tools to adapt to their developing careers.

Professional training and advice from highly skilled educators who are both academic researchers and active professionals in the financial industry. Bloomberg Certifications / CFA preparation / Research Dissertation and Professional Thesis. Professional international networking through educators, TBS’s corporate partnerships and our global alumni network. Personalized support from start to end through student focused learning and individual career coaching.

MBA In Aerospace (Full Time)

Why this course - Registered in an international context, the MBA Aerospace Toulouse Business School guarantees an expert training in the field of aeronautics and management. For more than 10 years, the MBA has trained aerospace executives to capitalize on their experience and gain an overview of the management applied to aeronautics. This high-level sectoral MBA, taught exclusively in English, is therefore dedicated to executives wishing to acquire or strengthen their skills in the aeronautics field.


  • Commercial Pilot
  • Commercial Air Traffic Controller. ...
  • Aerospace Program Manager. ...
  • Aviation Safety Inspector. ...
  • Flight Instructor. ...
  • Flight Attendant.



International Marketing

Why this course - This Postgraduate Diploma focuses on the various marketing theories and its application on the market. It  is designed to develop the skills necessary to effectively plan, implement and evaluate marketing and advertising plans.
Paris ESLSCA Business School provides students with extensive knowledge and skills to be able to use confidently in their work environment. Our program enables students to gain profound knowledge in different employment  areas, enabling them to be more aware of the overall insights of their job.

The main Post Graduate Diplomas objectives are to:

-Implant the competency to select and apply theories  to a different ranges of industries
-Add value to candidates current role in their workplace
-Open opportunities for graduates to shift careers in confidence
-Enhance the exercise of business  thinking and problem solving
-Develop competent executives  in managing modern business establishments
-Introduce candidates to diverse international organisational settings and cultures

Future - Undergraduate and graduate degree programs in international marketing or global business prepare students to work domestically with international business clients or pursue employment abroad. Career opportunities include fields such as marketing management, market research analysis or even public relations.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Why this course - ESLSCA Business School is an environment where students grow into their potential. For those with a strong commitment to entrepreneurship, the entrepreneurship track brings like- minded students together very early in the MBA program. Thus, offering them the opportunity to meet, integrate and learn about startup business concepts; and to experience the unique entrepreneurial environment at ESLSCA.

Future - The Entrepreneurship track focuses on developing students’ comprehension of the basic functional areas of management and maximizing their abilities to get a jump-start on building an entrepreneurial career. The Entrepreneurship track is highly interdisciplinary. The students’ diverse skills sets and experiences enable them to deal with complex challenges from different angles.

American Business School


Why this course The Bachelor of Business Administration, or BBA, is a 4-year undergraduate program recognized by companies worldwide. The School’s program admits:

  • French High School Graduates and Undergraduate Transfer Studentslooking for an academic curriculum with an international scope,
  • International Students wanting to study in Paris, with a curriculum based on the American system

Each student has to choose a major during their BBA junior year (BBA 3) :

  • International Finance
  • International Business
  • International Marketing

Future -

  • Finance Manager.
  • Business Administration
  • Human Resource Manager.
  • Research and Development Manager.
  • Business Consultant.
  • Information Systems Manager.
  • Marketing Manager
MBA in Geopolitics and International business

Why this course -Business school students must turn their attention to the international world. Pursuing an MBA in Paris, France, is a great way to start your international career. By studying in a foreign country, you show that you are aware that today’s world is global and that you want to be a part of it. The American Business School of Paris accompanies you in this approach through a curriculum based on the American educational system.

French and American diplomas will give you the keys to an international career.

The American Business School of Paris proposes several graduate programs accessible to graduates of three-year and four-year university programs.

MBA Degree (Master of Business Administration) with two concentrations:

  • Entrepreneurship and International Business Development
  • Communications and Project Management

Future -

  • Consultant. Consultancy is probably the most natural of career paths for MBA.
  • Finance Manager. Most students coming from a non-management background dread the first day of their MBA Finance module.
  • Marketing Manager.
  • Operations Manager, Supply Chain Manager or Logistics Manager.
  • Entrepreneur.

College De Paris

International Marketing

Why this course - Our Ms is intended for students from all backgrounds, already graduated of 4 years of university studies or more, wishing to start an international career.  This training is open to French and foreign students. Inside this cultural mix, learn the intercultural codes and manage a team anywhere in the world by adapting to local ways of life and mentalities.

Future - This training provides the foundation for a high-flying career in international marketing. As a very dynamic and lucrative sector, this expertise is a great opportunity. Our degree will give you the skills and practical experience you need to pursue projects with international organizations in different fields.

Accompanying our students all along their curriculum is a priority for the Collège de Paris. Our highly trained teams will build a course structure which is best suited for each participant and that will assure the students’ access to the professional world. Job offers, internships, sandwich courses: the Collège de Paris works closely with our partners so all our participants can benefit from the best that each profession can bring.

Master of Business Administration

Why this course -

  • An international dimension: the program takes place in at least two countries and two universities, and enables you to master at least two languages : French and English.
  • A digital dimension: through the “Open Innovation Challenge” and a Professional Thesis you are given the opportunity to carry out an innovative business project from idea to implementation.
  • A managerial dimension: the program equips you with the fundamental skills in strategy, finance, project management, marketing and communication in order to gain a recognized European Management Degree.

Future -

  • Consultant.
  • Finance Manager.
  • Marketing Manager.
  • Operations Manager
  • Entrepreneur.

Paris School of Business

Bachelor in Fashion and Luxury Retail Management

Why this course - The Bachelor’s degree in Fashion and Luxury Retail Management in France is a 3-year European Bachelor’s degree program developed at the request and with the input of major luxury goods and fashion companies.
France, Global Fashion and Luxury Markets : Luxury and Fashion sectors are booming; market studies and research predict current growth to continue for the next 20 years and France is by far the market leader with a 29% share in this €212 billion global market as recently as 2013. Therefore it is no surprise that French luxury and fashion companies are, and will continue to be, a major source for jobs in this field worldwide.
A Highly International Approach to Prepare You for a Global Industry : The Bachelor in Fashion and Luxury Retail Management is emblematic of our international focus with courses taught entirely in English and a cosmopolitan student body and faculty who offer an ideal multicultural environment in which to prepare for a career in the global industries of fashion and luxury. Study abroad opportunities also allow students to enhance and develop their international perspective.

Future A degree in luxury goods and fashion will help you land several types of jobs in the industry, some of the most appealing ones are: luxury goods brand manager, fashion brand/luxury goods product manager, retail buyer and fashion PR (public relations) specialist.

Master International Business

Why this courseThe secrets of our trade revolve around four ideas :

  •  Understand international trade and relations
  •  Master Business strategies at corporate and business levels
  •  Intercultural knowledge of trade law and international finance
  •  Project management in an international environment 

The “general specialization” is the key difference and advantage of our program, opening up broad geographical and professional horizons. It is said that today’s young graduates will have had on average 14 different jobs by the age of 38. A general and international Master program perfectly prepares them for their future career in a more mobile job market. The possibility of obtaining a double degree from one of PSB Paris School of Business's many university partners is an element which makes our program stand out from the rest.

Future -

  • International marketing director.
  • Financial controller.
  • Multinational manager.
  • Business development director.
  • International trade and customs manager.
  • International foreign policy advisor.


MSc in Digital Marketing and Communication

Why this course - This programme aims to provide marketing graduates or professionals with specialized knowledge and skills which are required for the application of digital marketing tools and techniques, in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of digital marketing and communication programmes, implement and manage social media effectively, and prepare students for top-level and new marketing positions such as social media manager, online brand or marketing manager.

Future -

  • Digital Marketing Executive:
  • Digital Marketing Specialist:
  • Digital Marketing Manager or Team Leader:
  • Head of Digital Marketing:
  • VP Marketing
  • CMO (Chief Marketing Officer
MSc in Data and Business Analytics

Why this course - The objective of the MSc in Data and Business Analytics (MSc DBAN) is to equip graduates with key analytical methods and tools that will allow them to become leaders in data-driven decision making. Through its theoretical and practical courses, the programme prepares graduates for jobs related to data and business analytics in different areas such as Supply Chain Management, marketing and finance.
The programme is designed to meet industry demand for graduates with managerial and analytics skills that are able to apply data science to tackle business challenges.To equip graduates with data-driven decision making skills so that they will be able to synthesize relevant business analytics information and develop and use analytics tools of different types and forms to improve decisions throughout an organization.

Future - Business analysis capabilities are given a lot of importance in all activities such as Marketing, Logistics, Manufacturing, Finance, Retail and both for private and public sectors.
With the huge amounts of data (big data), it has become crucial for organizations to take advantage of the progress in analytics, and need qualified specialists at the management level to oversee the collection and use of data. Nowadays, we are creating data at a much faster rate than we can produce qualified professional that can exploit it for the benefits of organizations.


MSc In Software Engineering

Why this course - The MSc in Software Engineering teaches the principles of modern software engineering, together with the tools, methods and techniques that support their application. It offers working professionals the opportunity to learn more about the technological advances that are changing their lives, through a course of part-time study at one of the world's leading universities.

Future -

  • IT Firms
  • Consultancies
  • Software Developers
  • Computer Manufacturing Firms
  • Internet Firms
  • Businesses
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Government
  • Online Businesses
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Armed Forces
  • Railways
Master of engineering in Global IT Management

Why this course - The Master of Engineering is totally taught in English where the students have the chance to obtain a“Diplome Ingenieur”. The ME is accredited by the CTI with a French language exit level equivalent to B2. The GITM specialization prepares students comprehensive project managers in the IT field. It is a combination of business processes and new technologies with a focus on change management and innovation, taking intercultural approaches into account. The graduates are able to pursue careers in the field of e-leadership and become business & data analyst, IT consultant, strategist, project manager, product owner, risk management engineer, etc.

Future -

  • Automation engineer.
  • Chemical process engineer.
  • Client services analyst.
  • Construction project engineer.
  • Design engineer.
  • Director of hardware engineering.
  • Economics consultant.
  • Firmware engineer.